Got the Travel Bug?

web-suitcaseNow that you’ve had the opportunity to read our travel stories and get some ideas of your own, it’s time to start planning your own trip. From where to stay, how to get there and what to do once you’ve arrived, this short guide will help prepare you for whatever comes your way. If you’ve got a great site or guide you think might help other adventure seekers, feel free to contact us. We love input from our traveling community.

How to get there?

Shop around for airfare before the big trip. STA Travel has great student discounts as well as discounts for people under the age of 26. Round the World tickets are another interesting form of budget travel. Airlines give huge discounts for one way tickets so long as you start one location and continue in the same direction (either east or west) until you’ve reached your destination. Most tickets must be used within a year from purchase. Not a bad way to circumnavigate the world!

Where to stay?

Give your wallet a break and consider staying in a hostel vs. a hotel on your next stay. Hostels usually cost much less than your average hotel and are also a great place to meet people and plan your next adventure. If you haven’t heard of couch surfing, it’s a community of members that offer up rooms or “couches” in their homes to fellow travelers for free. Many hosts also provide information about their hometown, providing recommendations of places to go and things to see.

Volunteering Abroad

Want to get more out of your traveling experience? Follow in the footsteps of our fellow traveler Kelsey and give back to the place you visit by volunteering. A large number of organizations offer a wide variety of programs volunteering abroad that vary from short stints to year long commitments. Check out the following to get ideas on how you can help on a global scale.

Studying Abroad

Still in school but want to travel? Most universities allow students to study abroad while still earning credit to transfer back towards there degree. Check with your school to see what programs they offer.

Ocean Living

Boat living isn’t for everyone but if you think you want to try out this non-traditional mode of travel, here are a few sites that offer study abroad programs aboard a boat. Worried about sea sickness? Don’t let that hold you back! Pack some dramamine, ginger candies and motion sickness bracelets to help get you through the rough swells. After the first week, you’ll gain your sea legs and it’s smooth sailing from there on out.

Gap Year Travel

Not ready to enter the “real world” or still undecided about college plans? Consider a gap year to clear your head between life stages. This common break from school among British students has recently begun to take off in the U.S. as more students see the benefit of traveling, working or volunteering before continuing their education.

Teaching English Abroad

Finally got that college degree… now what? How about teaching English in a foreign country? Most programs require a bachelor’s degree and English as a native language.  Expect the program to last a year and include perks like a free or subsidized apartment, competitive salary and reimbursement for travel expenses.

Travel Gear

Packing is an important stage in your traveling experience but don’t over do it. Take only the essentials not your whole wardrobe. Many stores offer travel specific products to aid in the process; you’ll be amazed what a good backpack and compression sacks and do!

Travel Guides

Still unsure of where to go or what to do? Don’t give up! Keep on researching, you’re sure to find the right travel destination to suit your needs.


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