Packing List

Visa (if necessary)
Credit/Debit cards
Flight Information
Frequent Flyer Cards
Health Documentation
Personal ID
Emergency contact info
Traveler’s Checks
Foreign Currency
2 copies of important documents
Guidebooks and maps
Travel Journal

Everyday Basics
Address Book
laptop and carrying case
Raincoat/ Umbrella/Scarf/Gloves (if necessary)
Comfortable Footwear
Visor/ Hat
Cards/ Games
MP3/ IPod
Electric Converter or Adapter
Battery Travel alarm
Language books
Reading materials
Camera, lenses, memory card
Film, batteries, durable carrying case

Travel Health
Pain Reliever/ Aspirin
Cold medicine
Contact lens items
Diarrhea/ Laxative Meds
Sun block and sunburn relief
Motion sickness meds
Antibiotic cream
Insect repellent
Personal hygiene items
Personal prescriptions (enough
for your entire trip)

Toothbrush/  Paste
Hair Dryer (converter)
Body and Face Soap
Skin care lotion
Make up/lip balm
Hair care products
Travel bottles (for shampoo and laundry if needed)
Dental floss
Razors/shaving cream
Zip-close plastic bags

Travel Gear
Main Travel Bag
Smaller bag for weekend trips
Security (passport carrier,
locks, luggage tags)
Document organizer
Everyday bag
Travel neck pillow
Eye shade/ ear plugs
Water bottle
Extra batteries
Sewing/repair kit
Tissues/ handkerchief
Hand sanitizer


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