This blog, which was created during the spring of 2009, is a group assignment for an online media course, JMC 425. We’ve had so much fun working together that we have decided to keep our travel reporting going.

This is meant to be an informational and fun site about traveling the world in a number of different ways. As you can see, the green tabs on the top give you a little information on how we’ve traveled the world. You can read the seven different travel experiences of our groups’ members.

For example Kara and Jocelyn traveled as students, Kelsey volunteered abroad, Cameron went touring alone, Cassie did the “family” thing and we even have one flight attendant, plus one that lived abroad.

These stories are completely different, fun and informational. The idea is that there isn’t just one way to see this wonderful planet we live on. What we hope is that you, our readers, will comment not just on our content, but maybe give us ideas and suggestions for our next trip. We are an adventurous group of graduating journalism students and are always looking for exciting things to do.

Some of us will be traveling again during the summer and we will update as we do, so please send us “packing” and give us our “assignments” we are your citizen journalists.

What would you like to know? What can we tell you about the people we meet? What’s the news where we land? Ask and we shall report.

We hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to hearing from you.

Peace, love and adventure,  your 7 Travelers are on the scoop!


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