Travel Video!

Thanks to our awesome group members Cassie and Ronnie, we have a video about travel and students at ASU! Check it out, leave comments and tell them what a great job they did!



You’re doing WHAT?!


Hey All,

If you’ve had a chance to check out our site you probably know I’m all about non-traditional travel. Last fall I spent a semester living on a boat and this summer I’ve decided to spend a few months living on a bike!


I’ll be traveling across the country with a group of 30 other college kids, cycling across the America to raise money for affordable housing. Check it out at Don’t forget, traveling is all about trying new things and enjoying the ride. Be creative with not only what you plan to do but how you plan to do it. You might just end up traveling the world on a bike like me!



Second class seat

Hey all, Barbi here, listen for those of you traveling abroad this summer I have some helpful tips on how to get the best out of your flight attendants. 

  1. Try to be nice and friendly- but not in the creepy I’m trying to be your BFF kind of way.
  2. Bring your own water and snacks. It’s not that we don’t want to give you these things, it’s that they are scarce these days and we often run out. Plus this way you’ll have what you want when you want it.
  3. When you put your bags in the overhead, turn them so one end faces the aisle and the other the fuselage. This makes sure we get most everyone’s bag on.
  4. Lastly, if we ask you to do something it’s not because we are picking on you, it’s because it’s our job. If we came to your office and there were things we couldn’t touch, or do I’m sure you’d ask the same of us. So don’t get mad, just understand it’s our job.

Well, that’s it for now, but if I think of anything else, like how to get upgraded to first class, I’ll post back. So in the meantime, fly safe and have fun wherever you go.



Craving Jamaican food

Cameron posted a video on his blog about Jamaica about a delicious restaurant in downtown Phoenix called Breadfruit. It’s about lunchtime and the food looked so good! I’m practically drooling. Check out the video here, and leave Cameron some comments. It was his first video endeavor, and I think he did a darn good job! Also, Cameron writes about his solo trips to Jamaica on the Soloist page up top!

– Cassie

Where should I go next?

Hey all, it’s Kelsey.

I’m about to graduate from ASU in the middle of May, and I have that travel itch again! I’m wondering what place I should go to next…. I’ve already been to Spain and Mexico, and I volunteered in Honduras. Another volunteering trip would be amazing. I talked to Kara some about Chile since she’s going there soon and I’ve never been to South America! What about our readers? Any ideas?

Til next time,


Getting ready…

Hey everyone, it’s Kara!

In less than four weeks, I will be flying 15 hours below the equator to Santiago, Chile. All my documents are in order; my passport is ready to go. The only thing left to do is pack. How to pack exactly for a two-month stay in a country I have never been to (and it’s the middle of winter there) in a medium-sized backpack, well that’s another story. Looks like the packing will take more than a couple of days and a couple rough drafts before everything is ready to go. It is hard to concentrate on getting to Chile with finals rapidly approaching and final projects being finished, but I know once I am on that plane, I will be SUPER excited to start my second study abroad experience! Watch out Chile- the American students are coming for the summer! (I mean winter!)

Check out my past study abroad experience in the “Student” tab up top (or right here), and then follow my personal travel blog about Chile here!


Welcome to 7 Travelers!

Ever wondered what it would be like to study abroad? What about to volunteer in another country? Well you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at the tabs above to read about our seven very different travel experiences. The links to the left provide important information for your trip. Finally, check out our map on the about page to see ALL the countries we’ve been to (the ones in bright blue)!


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